molen en flatPeter Veer his professional quest

The notion by general public on ‘ecological quests’ is poor. On the 2010 IDFA (International Documentary Festival Amsterdam) I attended the ‘Green Screen Climate Debate’. Filmmakers, critics and experts discussed the representation of ‘ecological quests’ in films and other cinematographic media. The conclusion was that the ‘Al Gore Inconvenient Truth’ repertoire based on fear does not involve the larger public in abstract environmental quests. The forum felt an urgent need for new cinematographic repertoires.

That evening I asked myself how can documentaries involve young people in ‘ecological quests’ like the immense popular film ‘Avatar’ (2009) directed by James Cameron? Being a researcher as well I know that in the domain of environmental planning there is also a quest going on to find new paradims in the relationships between urban life styles, the rural and agriculture. I decided that I want to play an active role in search for the new paradims and repertoires. At the moment the development of new cinematographic repertoires on ‘ecological quests’ is one of my main professional ambitions. My experiences as filmmaker and as researcher include the competences to conduct the process to translate the abstract ‘ecological notions’ to attractive narratives and scenes of images and sounds.

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