Peter Veer, researcher

The base for my scientific work is the academic study Landscape Architecture at Wageningen University. ‘Framing the Dutch Landscape’ was my PhD project at University of Amsterdam in full support the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in Hilversum (Beeld en Geluid).

My generic scientific experience was at Alterra Wageningen University and Research, a leading Dutch research centre. The core of my work is to connect physical green outdoors and landscape to personal and social processes. Cultural aspects, communication and participation have my special attention. I cover the broad spectrum from scientific reflection, creative development to implementation and publication. I educate students and coach experts. I am reliable, full of tact and open-minded.

Click here to get a first glance at my research experience record. I am also director of documentaries, informative and interactive film projects. Click here to find out what my professional quest is.