landlustPeter Veer, research experience

‘Framing the Dutch Landscape’ is the English title of my doctoral thesis defended in 2020 at Amsterdam University in full support the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in Hilversum (Beeld en Geluid). The quest was to analyse the cultural historic meanings of the film practices of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture and the collection of 533 extension films (1945-1985). The films supported the cultural change in the countryside form 'traditional and poor' to 'modern and efficient'.

In the period 2006-2010 I was a researcher on praticipation projects in landscape and urban green at Wageningen UR. My focus at the Alterra Innstitute in that period of time was on three themes:

To the Great Outdoors is a research project on the relations between green and blue landscape services and the global economy 2007-10. Co Dr. Joke Luttik, Alterra Wageningen UR publication # 1940.

Local green, Social integration and Urban Revitalisation was Community of Practice to coach experts, advise and work in several participatory planning projects 2008-2011. Co Alex Groothedde, Alterra Wageningen UR Publication # 1811 and Wageningen UR Science Shop publication # 280.

• 'Landscape, Planning & Art' a series of projects on the participative cross roads of the disciplines. Publications (co Pat van der Jagt / Jeroen Kruit)

I am also director of documentaries, informative and interactive film projects.