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Peter Veer

‘Bewogen landschap' (2020) or in English 'Framing the Dutch Landscape’ was my PhD project at University of Amsterdam in full support the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in Hilversum (Beeld en Geluid). I combine the inspiring, creative strength of the filmmaker and the conceptual and analytical capacity of the scientific researcher. I am a flexible team player who connects people from different backgrounds.

In my life and work I am fascinated by stories and quests about people and the use of physical space. I am a craftsman in at least two disciplines. The topics in my films and research projects are architecture, urban and rural development, the landscape and cultural heritage. In my oeuvre I focus on the relationships between 'at home and abroad', the past, present and the future.

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My roots are in the rural Dutch region called De Betuwe, upstream in the delta of the river Rhine. I am well connected to rural life and the quests about the developments at the countryside and in agriculture. Now I live in the heart of Amsterdam. I love the atmosphere of this cosmopolitan village. I know the questions of metropolitan living out of own experience and on theoretical level.

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